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Mold Testing

Here’s what you need to know about black mold testing:

If you know anything about black mold, then you probably know how very dangerous it is to you and your family. Toxic black mold is actually a fungus called Stachybotrys.

Stachybotrys spores can easily become airborne and end up in your lungs, leading to disastrous health problems. Therefore, if you think it’s a possibility that poisonous black mold has taken up residence in your home, you need to take measures, and right away, to find out for sure.

Signs you need to test for toxic mold.

There are certain tale-tell signs that are indicative of a likelihood of toxic black mold growth in your home. The most obvious is the appearance of a greenish-black growth on your wall or other surface of your home. Additionally, there is often a musty smell that radiates from Strachybotrys mold colonies. Lastly, if you have had a water leak in your home, it’s a possibility that toxic black mold can grow near the area of the leak, and it’s definitely worth a check.

Home tests.

You can purchase a home test for toxic mold detection at your local home improvement store. Home tests for this purpose generally come either as a rapid test or as a kit that you must mail to a lab for testing. The advantages of home tests is that they are relatively easy and simple to use, and quite inexpensive (expect to spend somewhere around $40 or $50 for a test).

Expert inspections.

Although you do have some DIY options to choose from, it’s highly recommended that you hire a black mold remediation company to perform an expert inspection. It is not unusual for Stachybotrys mold to hide out in some hard to reach (or see) areas, and a professional will know exactly where to look.

Michigan Black mold testing process.

Home testing kits generally include a swab, which you swipe the affected area with to create a sample. The sample is either sent to a lab for processing or processed at home, depending on which type of kit you get. Toxic black mold remediation experts may use equipment you don’t have access to, such as fiber optics and moisture meters, which can help them detect a black mold colony in your home with as little disturbance to the home’s structure as possible.

Poisonous Stachybotrys fungus is a serious problem that requires serious attention. If you suspect that your home has been invaded by this very dangerous toxic mold, then you must act quickly and responsibly to protect your family’s health. The best way to have full assurance that your black mold problem will be fully eradicated is to recruit professional help.